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FaceFun 2006 is a warping application that allows you to deform your images
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FaceFun 2006 is an image warping application that allows you to deform your images in many ways. The first thing to do is select the image you want to deform and mark the eyes, nose and mouth using dots. These are called "morphing points". The program includes three types of warping: customized warp, profile warp and video warp. The customized warp mode will allow you to manually adjust the forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, and mouth, choosing the width and height when possible. These customizations are also available in the profile warp mode, which offers a list of profiles with different preset deformations that you can edit if you want. Finally, the video warp allows you to create an AVI clip showing the changes from the original photo to the target photo, selecting the time and frames/sec, which will make the animation go faster or slower. What is more, the program features a very simple and intuitive user interface.
In short, FaceFun 2006 will help you to deform and morph your photos very easily and it should be fun to use for anyone.

Silvana Mansilla
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